Biased maps

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Biased maps

The way you represent the world is the way you see it. It’s the way you act upon it. Every videogame player knows this, right? The first time I thought about this I was busy wasting my time with one of my favourite time-wasting activities: watching TV series. In an episode of the West Wing: ...

Uncharted territories of design

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The space where new products and services don’t just optimise, shave off seconds and make a task smoother, nicer. The space where there is very little competition, or not interest at all. The space that AirBnb found few years ago. The space where Lanyrd started. The space from where Flipcam has been pulled away. The space where African start-ups ...

Denopticon @ LIFT10

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Come and play, discuss, contribute to our workshop at the LIFT conference:

Open and Activate @ MoMo London

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Open And Activate, Mobile Monday, London Jan 2010 from Vodafone User Experience Team

What do a Toyota Prius and Avatar (the movie) have in common?

So I went! While almost all parts of my body and brain where holding a ‘noAvatar’ position, the social moviegoer in me was surprised when someone asked ‘We are going to watch Avatar, do you want to join us?’. And it was better then expected. But that’s not the point. And the 3D animations where ...

mini versions

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a mini version of what this blog is (was?) supposed to be, is now here: More a visual appeal than a textual elaboration, but still has something to add than a simple mirror of others’ images and video So it will be a reflection point: both mirror and reasoning

Passion. Time. Quality.

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Personalisation and customisation is typical, when we speak about cars and bikes. It’s a demonstration that a person values the time spent for doing it less than the desire to communicate something about his/herself, and the way to approach the road, life.   What does this customised plate communicate? I love my bike? I love ...

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Children need support, especially in poor countries; Governments create an organisations to support children; Organisation need money to operate; Organisation does a lot offunding and advertising; European football team wants to show they are not only good at playing football; European football team accepts the logo of the organisation that supports children on their t-shirts, ...

I’m not here, I’m there

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I’ll be travelling for a while. If I happen to have some random thoughts while I’m there, I’ll try to write it somewhere else: